About Excel

Company Profile

We began offering installment loans in 1999 in Texas. We soon expanded to Louisiana, and now have a network of 30+ locations. Excel Finance Holding Company is a holding company of three primary subsidiaries, Excel Finance Company (Texas), Excel Finance Company (Louisiana) and Lakeway Reinsurance Company, Ltd.

At Excel, we emphasize quality customer service and strive to build strong personal relationships with our customers, resulting in repeat business from existing customers.

At Excel, we actively pursue acquisition opportunities of other similar finance companies in our market area. Additionally, we form strategic alliances with retailers and marketing companies to facilitate new customer relationships and originate new loans.

We offer short-term small loans, medium-term larger loans, related credit insurance products, ancillary products and services to individuals underserved by banks and credit unions.


Our Mission

To provide exceptional customer service
“Without our customers we do not exist. Without happy, satisfied customers, we fail. The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”

To provide our employees a good workplace
“We must provide a good workplace with fair compensation, competitive benefits and advancement opportunities. The best way to make our employees go the extra mile is to appreciate them.”

To be sound
“In order to be sound, we must be thorough and complete in all that we do, honest in our business dealings and compliant with state and federal laws.”

To be profitable
“Only by being sound can we be profitable and reap all of the opportunities that arise from being profitable.”

To grow larger
“Only by being profitable do we have the opportunity to grow larger, provide more products and services to our customers and more opportunities for our employees.”