Make It Happen

With a Loan From Excel Finance

Make It Happen

With a Loan From Excel Finance

Honest, Ethical Lending Since 1999


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Excel has over 30 convenient locations situated in Texas and Louisiana. Stop by and let our courteous, professional staff help you with your lending needs.

Personal Loans – For any need

Excel is there for you for all of life’s ups and downs. Whether you’re making a purchase, planning a family vacation or just need extra cash, we can help make it happen. If you’re stuck with that repair bill, medical bill or other unexpected expense, Excel has your back.

You don’t need perfect credit

Excel Finance is a lender who specializes in providing traditional installment loans to our customers, despite less than perfect credit history. While we do weigh credit scores in our credit decisions, Excel mainly focuses on other factors, such as employment stability, residential stability, and overall repayment ability.

A safer, alternative lender

Excel is a smarter alternative than predatory payday and title lenders. Don’t get caught in an endless cycle of debt that never pays down. Traditional installment loans are a safer way to borrow money. All loans offered by Excel Finance have fixed interest rates, monthly payments, and no penalties for paying off early. Excel even offers unsecured “signature” personal loans!

Flexible borrowing

Whether you need to borrow a little or a lot, Excel can help. Excel offers our customers a wide range of affordable repayment options from short-term loans to loans with longer repayment terms (up to 6 years).

Excel Can Serve All Your Lending Needs

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